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according to his contract, he will be on the ground off and on for several months. reporting live in oakland, joe vazquez, cbs 5. >> and more on the crime- fighting tactic coming to oakland in the "cbs evening news" at 5:30. john blackstone reports on the last-ditch efforts by city leader. the san francisco 49ers holding their first practice to get ready for the super bowl today. it is the first time workout since winning the nfc championship last sunday by beating the falcons. a lot of distractions, too. you have family coming in, requests for tickets and so on. 9ers are set to fly to new orleans on sunday. once they arrive, the players and coaches will be on a tight schedule including media interviews and other distractions. dennis o'donnell joins me now. the 9ers have a lot to do. there's a lot that goes into the two weeks preparations. >> i call them the three ds.
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don't get hurt, don't get into any trouble off the field, and don't give the baltimore ravens any bulletin board material. practice like you're playing in the super bowl. any player will tell you that if you practice great, you're going to play great. and that is what jim harbaugh is preaching. i'm guessing the 49ers are doing that exact same thing. now, the 49ers don't have just a -- have just a handful of players with super bowl experience. and only center jonathan goodwin has won a super bowl so we asked his advice. >> big thing this week is take care of all the off the field stuff, the tickets, hotels, things like that, you know, say no to your distant cousins and new friends, you know, just eliminate the headaches. >> got the giants winning -- [ mumbling ] [ inaudible ]
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warriors are playing well -- [ indiscernible ] fans -- spoiled -- >> joe having a good time. remember earlier when alex smith was wearing the giants hat? >> ann caught that, too. >> that is perfect. so he had caught it. tomorrow night or friday night we are going to kick off our super bowl coverage with a special, 7:00 super bowl preview of the 49ers. >> going to be awesome. >> get ready. >> here we go. well, 49ers fans aren't the only ones gearing up for the big game. ravens fans are turning out in droves to support their team. they are lining up to guess close to their favorite players waiting in line for hours. all of this for a chance to get an autograph and cheer on the afc champions. hours after their victory in atlanta last sunday, the 9ers hit up a south bay spot to celebrate. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez is live downtown in san jose with more on the players' favorite
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hangouts. len. reporter: well, it turns out after the 49ers victory in atlanta, they didn't want to go home and just rest. they came out to party to downtown san jose and it turns out, this is one of their favorite places to party. reporter: the motif lounge was ready for a party on sunday night and that's exactly what it got as first reported by the celebrity gossip site tmz. 49ers stars rushed the downtown san jose nightclub after landing in the wee hours still wearing their caps and toasting their victory. colin kaepernick and alex smith were partying together. >> the crowd was going crazy. we had hundreds of people here. >> reporter: some of the 9ers have reportedly taken up residence in the luxury high- rise behind the south first street nightclub zone.
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>> i guess i would be surprised. >> so many fun places to be in san francisco. but it's cool that they like to be down here. >> reporter: headquarters, stadium, the south bay is the 9ers' new home in more ways than one. they eat in the restaurants and shop for cars at the stevens creek auto mall. >> there's plenty of options including a great option for your super bowl prize. >> reporter: he didn't sell his lexus super car. he says the teams give a lot back to the area in return. >> the 9ers have brought excitement and interest down here and with it, it's that buzz that's unknown. we saw it with the giants, earthquakes and now the 9ers. >> reporter: not a lot of buzz out here on a wednesday night. but if the 49ers pull off a super bowl victory, south first street might be one of the biggest places to party in the south bay. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. >> from the party in san jose
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to the epic party that is brewing in new orleans, the city will host the super bowl and mardi gras in consecutive weekends and as cbs news reporter paul murphy shows us, a small army of law enforcement is getting ready. >> reporter: security plans for the super bowl and mardi gras weekends have been in the works for more than a year in new orleans. more than 1200nopd officers will be working 12 hours shifts starting the wednesday night before super bowl sunday. >> basically, you're going to see 400-plus police officers every hour. day in the downtown core, in the french quarter. >> reporter: the superintendent ronald sirpas says hundreds of officers will be part of the detail and up to 90 deputies in new orleans super bowl week. more than 200 louisiana state troopers will be in town.
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>> we are bringing 20% of the entire complement of commission state police around the state into the city. that's a real commitment from the state of louisiana to support the city because it's important for all us. we're glad to be part of it. >> reporter: cops from across the state line will also help secure the city. >> we are going to be using the highway patrol motorcycle units to move the vips owners, some of the talent around, the teams, because traffic is going to be a challenge on game day. >> reporter: there will also be federal agents from the fbi, atf, dea and homeland security on duty during the super bowl. like winning the big game itself, keeping the peace during the super bowl will also be a team effort. in new orleans, paul murphy for cbs 5. new orleans' first responders are also preparing for super bowl sunday. ems crews have been training for a year to handle about anything that they come up against. they have what's called a surge bus that can treat up to 18 patients at a time.
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they will carry special computers that can translate dozens of languages all useful equipment in a city used to hosting mardi gras. >> it's challenging. these are big crowds. everybody is out to have a good time. but we're used to it. we deal with it every year. >> yeah. new orleans' emts will get help from neighboring cities like baton rouge. 49ers fans are preparing to train. this little fella is flexing for his camera in his finest 49ers clothes. and shelley flying the team colors on her balcony. we want to see your pictures. send them to or upload them to be sure to include your hometown. we'll have a team of reporters to cover super bowl xlvii in new orleans. the coverage includes sports director dennis o'donnell and vern glenn joined by michelle
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griego and mike sugerman. stolen from a home recovered in a santa clara reservoir where a couple's cars turned up after a home invasion robbery. >> some bay area thieves with a taste for the finer things. what they were after when they broke into a michelin rated restaurant. >> cbs 5 high-def doppler radar showing rainfall for the first time in two weeks. how much, how long will it last and when will we see more? that's coming up in 10 minutes. >> and the buffalo sauce and bleu cheese may go to waste. why chicken wings could be in short supply for your super bowl party! this is a big deal.
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a car stolen in a home invasion robbery on monday has turned up in the uvis reservoir. it was one of two vehicles stolen from a home in san jose's almaden valley neighborhood. police say three men forced their way into the home of an
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elderly couple brandishing weapons. they tied up the victims, took money and then took two cars. the other car was found abandoned in southern santa clara county. checking bay area headlines, two el cerrito schools were locked down this afternoon while police investigated a shooting near the el cerrito bart station. police say two male juveniles were shot by two other male juveniles on a walking path near the station. the schools were later reopened and students were allowed to leave. police are still looking for the suspects. the victims' injuries are not life-threatening. the "all clear" in san francisco's mission bay tonight after a suspicious box is found near ucsf, a construction worker stumbled upon it this morning and called police. roads were closed and some buildings around the campus were evacuated. the bomb squad checked it out and determined it was nothing but a box of junk. aer son charges could be filed against an artist and gallery owner after an exhibit
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was intentionally set on fire. an exhibit made up of matches was ignited as part of the art event and went out of control. youtube video shows another part of the exhibit being set on fire, as well. damage is around $5,000. coming up, a super bowl staple in short supply. why the centerpiece of many party spreads will be missing or cost more. >> and an about-face on women in the military. the announcement coming from the pentagon that will open up thousands of new roles for female soldiers and sailors. >> send us your best 49er photos. we see a lot of people doing their best kaepernicking. send them to or upload them to we'll put them on tv.
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cost of chicken wings. a onwide shortage is d the cost of everything super bowl is going up including the cost of chicken wings. a nationwide shortage is driving up prices to their highest ever. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts says it's got wings fans crying fowl!
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>> reporter: what will you be eating this super bowl sunday? >> chicken wings. >> and some wings. >> reporter: they are a super bowl staple and this year football fans will chow down on 1.23 billion wings in just one weekend. laid out end to end this weather stretch from candlestick to ravens stadium in baltimore 27 times! but this nerd says this year those wings won't come cheap thanks to last year's drought. >> corn prices are high, chicken prices are up. >> reporter: as a result, farmers produced fewer chickens last year at a time when wings have become a restaurant staple. what used to be the cheapest part of the chicken considered a by-product has now become the most coveted. entire chains are devoted to the wing. >> each bird has only two weeks so that drives the cost up where as breasts, thighs and other parts will be cheaper. >> reporter: this year's super bowl wings will be the most
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expensive ever up 14% to about $2.11 per pound. >> 14%? guess i'll have to pay. >> it's once a year. >> reporter: they should be worried about shortages. >> get them as soon as you can. >> sooner the better. >> reporter: this manager expects a wait for walk-ins up to two hours next sunday. and last year, many wings spots cut off free orders days before the big game. -- preorders days before the big game. they expect to sell 2,000 pounds of wings sunday but many fans aren't leaving this super bowl staple to chance. >> i'll have them in the refrigerator right now. >> we are going to shop. >> i better place an order soon. >> reporter: if you plan to make wings, don't expect to buy them on game day. stores are expected to sell out. the good news is you can put hot wings sauce on almost anything. the recipes are online for shrimp, quesadillas. i have put them on salad dresses, and even cottage
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cheese. i'm thinking with the pregnancy thing, baby likes the wings. a thief with expensive tastes made off with thousands of dollars worth of wine over the weekend. the wine heist happened at the plum horse. a restaurant in saratoga, the owner discovered the theft on monday morning when he found a broken window at the restaurant. it will take weeks to determine what's missing but the high-end restaurant's wine list is available online. there are wines that cost from $1,000 to nearly $10,000 a bottle. >> not the two buck chuck. >> no. [ laughter ] rain came in. >> out of practice. we have been driving in this stuff. things were slow out there. rain wasn't extraordinarily heavy but we had it. we have some showers out there currently. let me show you the radar. it's mainly north. golden gate. let's get to the weather maps, cbs 5 high-def doppler radar
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showing heavier showers north of santa rosa. some light rain now on 101 between santa rosa, healdsburg. we are drying out in san francisco but we had steady rainfall around 2:00. south bay no rainfall currently. scattered showers later and you are mainly cloudy. temperatures much cooler today. san francisco 52. livermore and oakland 51. concord only 48 with mainly cloudy skies. san jose the warm spot at 54 degrees. we won't get cold at night because of the cloud cover. san rafael down to 44, fremont 43. what's going on? we have a front to our north. it's acting like a magnet and drawing up cloud cover and moisture from the south. so we're looking to the south to see what's next even though we are getting a break right now. we still have showers to deal with between now and sunrise tomorrow. so it may not be raining where you are currently but there is a chance of a shower for about 12 more hours or so. we'll dry out tomorrow morning throughout the day and also on friday. high pressure is scooting by to our south. it's a progressive pattern.
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things are moving fast. by saturday we'll get cloudy again. by saturday night, another low pressure area moves in. and another chance of showers coming up on sunday. especially sunday morning. things moving rather rapidly. that big bubble of high pressure kept us dry for two weeks is gone. showers are ending tomorrow morning but a chance of showers through the evening tonight overnight tonight until about sunrise tomorrow and then we dry out from thursday through saturday night another chance of showers coming up on sunday. highs tomorrow with some afternoon sunshine right around 60 which is a couple of degrees above average. livermore your normal is 56. you will hit 60 tomorrow. sunnyvale 62. palo alto 61. fremont tomorrow 61 degrees. some afternoon sunshine for dublin, pleasanton, pittsburg, highs around 60. and generally the upper 50s to near 60 for petaluma. dry tomorrow. friday nice. sunny low 60s. if you are a fan of rainfall then sunday looks nice for you and check out the temperatures down to the mid-50s. we'll dry out next week and return to the 60s by next wednesday. that is your cbs 5 forecast.
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we'll be right back. it's become so dangerous in oakland that city leaders are now looking for national help. >> it's just a war zone that's going on. >> oakland searches for solutions to a surge in crime. i'm john blackstone. i'll have that story tonight on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" right after cbs 5 news.
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[ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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defense secret a military taboo about to end. the ban on women in combat roles will be phased out soon. defense secretary leon panetta will make a formal announcement tomorrow but word is already out in washington that military chiefs will present plans to move female soldiers into new roles. the change will open up hundreds and thousands of front line jobs to women for the very first time. at times defiant and other times despondent, secretary of state hillary clinton stood her ground as she testified today before congress about the
5:22 pm
deadly attack on the u.s. mission in benghazi. she rejected republican suggestions the administration misled congress about the september 11th assault that left four americans dead including ambassador chris stevens. and she choked up when she spoke of their murders. >> i put my arms around the mothers and fathers, the sisters and brothers, the sons and daughters and the wives left alone to raise their children. >> clinton is serving her final days as secretary of state and many believe her testimony will leave a lasting impression should she run for president in 2016. a bit of a dilemma for san francisco congresswoman nancy pelosi. her father was mayor of baltimore. and he built the city's memorial stadium but she knows what she will do on super bowl sunday. >> i'm wearing red. that's a 49er color. let me say this and i told this to mr. hoyer when he said he wanted to make a wager. i said i'm not -- i'm rooting
5:23 pm
for the 49ers. i'm not rooting against baltimore. i'm so proud of them. but my constituency is san francisco. [ laughter ] >> yup. the red says it all. pelosi says she has been loyal to the team from her home state for the past quarter century and nothing changes super bowl sunday. if you are rooting for the 9ers, you're rooting in good health. today dr. kim mulvihill got a peek at the team in practice. kim. >> reporter: hey, ann. these guys look great. we got to see the players in their first practice since they beat atlanta and won a championship. the 9ers while they have had injuries, they have been in remarkably good health. in the two years since the team has been under coach jim harbaugh, players have missed 159 games due to injuries. compare that to the ravens. they have missed 310 games. that's 95% more. even so, i wanted to find out if our 9ers are ready to play.
5:24 pm
can you comment on the health of the team going into the super bowl? >> the health of the team? our health is fine. you know? justin has his issue that he is dealing with, otherwise we're in good shape. >> reporter: now, over a month ago, defensive lineman justin smith number 94 injured his triceps. but today he was practicing at full strength. today in the locker room, one of the players ricardo lockett gave me this. it's a post-recovery drink. it's what they drink after a hard workout and i asked around to see what's in it. everybody said it's top secret. they wouldn't say but i can tell you this. it tastes great. >> it looks like it might have strawberry in it. >> reporter: i'm tasting somber ris. it's sweet. it's like, you know, a fruit smoothie. and they did have another option which kind of looked like a chocolate milkshake. they told me that that was for the players that are having a harder time maintaining their weight. so a little extra fat in that
5:25 pm
one. but i think this is good after a long day here. >> mysterious ingredients. thank you, dr. kim. >> i'm thinking when they win the super bowl the recovery drinks will look a little different. but lots more to see and share about the 49ers trip to the super bowl. just go to we'll be right back. ge rest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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concerned bay area community will gather to talk about this and here's what we're working okay for the 6:00 news. in an hour and a half a concerned bay area community will gather to talk about this teacher. she pleaded no contest to abusing a special needs student. tonight cbs 5 reporter da lin asks, why is she still teaching? plus, a sneak peek at this year's super bowl ads and one that's sure to get a lot of attention. those stories and much more tonight at 6:00. >> much, much more. thanks for watching. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> but, of course, remember, the latest news and weather are always on and good night. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight, a major change for america's military. the pentagon will lift its ban and allow women to be sent to the front lines in ground
5:29 pm
combat. david martin reports. hillary clinton-- angry, tearful and defiant-- answers questions about the deaths of four americans in libya. >> was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they'd go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? >> pelley: margaret brennan has the story. did a california city make too many cuts in its police force? john blackstone has that. and as arctic air spreads east elaine quijano talks to folks still homeless after sandy. >> last night, i stayed in the tent because it was not fit for man nor beast outside. it was bad. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. the u.s. military is making one of the biggest policy changes in its history. we learned today that the defe

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